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The welcoming atmosphere of Evans City Pharmacy makes clients feel comfortable enough to ask questions. And the pharmacist always takes the time to listen to their concerns, as well as provide managed wellness programs and a variety health-related services. “We’ve achieved positive outcomes in patients who had no hope of improvement,” says Jeffrey, adding. “I’m not a doctor, but we do make people better.”

In fact, one of Jeffrey’s greatest challenges is in educating physicians who don’t have the time to consider alternative forms of medication and possible drug interactions in today’s insurance-driving market. “I’m not a policeman for doctors, but that relationship has to be a collaborative effort in the best interest of the patient,” he says, noting that he knows what kind of medication every one of his clients takes -- without having to consult a computer.
A graduate of Duquesne University, Jeffrey has received specialized training in asthma, diabetes and compounding procedures. And he continues to enrich his 20 years of experience by attending symposiums held by medical doctors. “These are practitioners in the field who are trying to bring information to the masses by educating doctors, pharmacists, nurses and others. It’s amazing the outcomes you can get in patients once they’re empowered with knowledge.”

Jeffrey served as Speaker of the House to the Pennsylvania Pharmacists Association and as the president of the Butler County Pharmacists Association. He is also a member of the International Association of Compounding Pharmacists, the National Community Pharmacists Association and Professional Compounding Centers of America. In fact, Evans City Pharmacy was once listed in Drug Topics magazine as one of the nation’s “Independent Superstars.”

Far from the days of mortar and pestle, Jeffrey customizes medications for man and beast in a high-tech compounding laboratory. “We can accommodate patients’ needs for unique delivery systems and dosage requirements,” he explains, adding that he also creates tasty medicinal treats for pets. And he carries a variety of products not usually found in chain drug stores.

“What makes the core of my work is usually the frustration people have with conventional medicine today and the lack of timely, useful information from their practitioners,” explains Jeffrey, referring to today’s onslaught of drug commercials and homeopathic remedies being touted in the media. “People want to separate fact from fiction, and we’ve got everybody on an infomercial today selling the next best thing. What is true, and what’s not? I try to answer those questions.”

Jeffrey lives in Mars with his wife, Faithann, and their three young children. 

Jeffrey P. Mustovic, R.Ph.
Compounding Specialist
Inspired by the traditional corner drug stores of his youth, pharmacist Jeffrey P. Mustovic is dedicated to providing a professional level of care that combines modern medications and conventional pathways with diet, lifestyle and nutritional supplements.

As the owner of Evans City Pharmacy since 1989, Jeffrey believes that today’s pre-packaged, one-size-fits-all mentality has led people to expect less than they deserve. “Most of the work that I do now was occurring back when pharmacy was more of an art; more of a science as far as tailoring things to somebody’s needs and working closely with doctors in the informal setting of actually helping people,” he explains.

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